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This is where we can share info and experiences.  Dr. Bugless products are made to provide safe natural alternatives to issues that are  more commonly treated with chemicals which may contain toxicity and harmful side effects.

Our  Dr. Bugless Natural Insect Repellent is a mild formula developed to be used as a safe spray for both pets and their owners.  Other natural products use several kinds and combinations of ingredients which can cause unpleasant experiences for pets and their owners. Based on the less is more concept our formula is comprised of a combination of only a couple of the most effective essential oils for repelling insects. They are pure 100% essential oils steamed distilled from flowering tops and leaves so get a bottle and give you and your best friend a few sprays before a walk or going outside and the bugs won’t bug you.  Spray it around the house and other areas to keep the bugs away too. It works great and it smells great!!

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