Dr. Bugless Natural Insect Repellent

Dr. Bugless Natural Insect Repellent was developed to provide an alternative method to repel insects for both animals and humans without the use of toxic chemicals. Many commercial human repellents contain DEET and almost all flea-control products contain chemicals designed to kill fleas which may have long term adverse effects that could include neurotoxicity, cancer, organ damage, and skin problems. As a pet lover,  and certified by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, the Dr. Bugless developer has created a natural method for repelling insects that works great and smells great too. Using a minimal yet most effective combination of essential oils, Dr. Bugless Natural Insect Spray can be used by both humans and animals. Spray it on in the morning, in the evening, before taking a walk, going outside to play, and around outdoor areas. Use it indoors for bedrooms, living rooms, barns, stables, boarding kennels and so much more. It’s a safe and effective way to repel insects for you and your best friend.

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